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Motors not working? Let us take it for a spin


Our team of experts can strip and troubleshoot your motors. We can diagnose bad bearings, burnt coils as well as imbalanced shafts


Our core service is rewinding motors. The high quality work of our team means that your motor will be running and spinning in no time at all. Furthermore, we provide a shaft balancing service with our state-of-the-art balancing machines as well as coil dipping and drying systems


A large advantage of bringing your motors to AA Engineering service is that we are a one-stop-shop, capable of refurbishing your motors electrically, mechanically and physically all in one place. We can strip the motor, machine the casing, re-wind and seal your coils and balance the shaft without the need to subcontracting any work, ensuring we have full control of your project and supplying a quick turnaround

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